Hi! I'm Cori aka LadyCels (or Cels/Dragonladycels). I'm a costumer/designer/makeup artist from Connecticut. I specialize in Historical Costumes, Moulage Makeup, and Cosplay. I love to make stuff, and I love to teach people to make stuff :3
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Hey everyone! I recently reached 200 followers so thank you very much!!
To celebrate it I’m going to hold a Puella give away.

I got this cuties a year ago, they were my first anime figures so I was extremely happy, and I still am, they are extremely cute, and I thought they could make someone really happy and even if that means I have to break them apart… I hope one of them finds a nice new home and likes them as much as I do!

☆ There will be one winner, which will be able to choose between the Madoka or Homura figure, and a $30 amazon gift card so you can purchase something nice that you like also. 


  • You don’t have to be following me but I would be really greteful, afterall the give away is for my followers
  • Like and reblog as much as you like! 
  • No give away blogs 
  • I’ll ship world wide

Ends on the 21st of August. If you have any questions feel free to ask me!
Good luck! 

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Trying to pay $50 for a $300+ costume commission is like trying to get French champagne on a Sprite budget. By MaryAnne Vivandiere, seamstress and owner of Vivandiere Designs, on cosplayers asking for ‘reasonable prices’ for custom made costumes, without taking into account the hours spent patterning & fabricating said costume, as well as the cost of materials. (via msjayjustice)

After some difficulties at ConnectiCon, I’ve started to remake Carol. This time, I ordered all three spandex fabrics from the same place, so no more different blends! I’m also not having to rush this costume as much (Having more than a month to complete it) so I’m taking more time with the drafting/patterning/color blocking.

And I’m going for the Faux-hawk look, since summer heat didn’t work too well with my other wig.

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so apparently some guy goes around golf tournaments and shouts “mashed potatoes” after they tee off