Hey friend :) You're a really nice person, I think its wonderful how you encourage other cosplayers. Keep being awesome <3

I’m just happy to help others enjoy cosplay! Whether it’s encouraging words, advice, or tutorials, I always wanna help in whatever capacity I can :D

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Not sure if I want to cosplay anymore… or like do anything


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I know that feeling, that burn out. Best thing you can do is take a break for a bit and see if the urge strikes you again. Do something different, learn something new. Try new experiences and see if that refreshes your creative mind.

It can be really scary, but putting yourself out there is the only way to get out of a creative rut. Cause you’re awesome and I think that, with the right mindset, whatever you choose to do you’ll be amazing in if you throw yourself into it.  

Also, see if you can get into an apprenticeship program. There are a lot of creative fields like makeup that if you hire yourself out as an apprentice, you can get the learning without the same cost of tuition, and sometimes even a stipend and/or housing.

But hang in there!! If nothing else, I think you’re an awesome person who does amazing stuff.

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I really need a whole room dedicated to my sewing/arts/crafts stuff… instead of like 5ft wall space lol
But alas we only have a small apartment :/


Well, small apartment means time to really maximize that space!

Useful Tutorials for teeny tiny sewing corners:


You can also make a smaller pegboard that can be held up with Command strips. (Don’t want to be losing that security deposit Heck, if you can’t find a suitable frame, you can paint and hand it up plain! 


Great little tutorial to make an instant holder for all things metal. I often times keep my hand stitching needles up here, so they don’t get lost on the floor.


Put your thread up on the wall! There’s a ton of different ways to do this (from as simple as getting a commercial rack and adding ribbon plus a hook to making your own out of pegboard) but all of them are great ways to add space.


How to make mini-fabric bolts (for cheap!). An awesome way to store small bits and pieces of fabric in an organized fashion.



More great resources!!