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I really need a whole room dedicated to my sewing/arts/crafts stuff… instead of like 5ft wall space lol
But alas we only have a small apartment :/


Well, small apartment means time to really maximize that space!

Useful Tutorials for teeny tiny sewing corners:

You can also make a smaller pegboard that can be held up with Command strips. (Don’t want to be losing that security deposit Heck, if you can’t find a suitable frame, you can paint and hand it up plain!

Great little tutorial to make an instant holder for all things metal. I often times keep my hand stitching needles up here, so they don’t get lost on the floor.

Put your thread up on the wall! There’s a ton of different ways to do this (from as simple as getting a commercial rack and adding ribbon plus a hook to making your own out of pegboard) but all of them are great ways to add space.

How to make mini-fabric bolts (for cheap!). An awesome way to store small bits and pieces of fabric in an organized fashion.

More great resources!!